St. Louis Hospitals Feel the Pressure

St. Louis Hospitals Feel the Pressure

Area hospitals are being fined for high rates of hospital readmissions. A couple of these hospitals are Mercy Hospital St. Louis and Christian Hospital Northeast. There are 20 other hospitals in the St. Louis area that will be affected beginning in October.

Patients after release falling ill and coming back to hospitals within a little while after being discharged are causing hospitals to face financial penalties. Mercy Hospital St. Louis and Christian Hospital Northeast as the others will be losing a portion of Medicare reimbursement payments in 2013, beginning in October.

Hospitals that had readmissions on pneumonia, heart attack and heart failure patients within a month’s time contributed to making the list.

Listed below are other St. Louis-area hospitals penalized and the amount of Medicare reimbursements they will lose. This is according to data from Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services.

In Missouri:

o Mercy Hospital St. Louis .80 %

o Christian Hospital Northeast .78 %

o SSM St. Joseph Health Center .77 %

o Jefferson Regional Medical Center .77 %

o St. Anthony?s Medical Center .68 %

o St. Luke?s Hospital .65 %

o Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital .63 %

o SSM St. Mary?s Health Center .56 %

o Des Peres Hospital .51 %

o Missouri Baptist Medical Center .47 %

o SSM St. Clare Health Center .43 %

o Progress West HealthCare Center .18 %

o Saint Louis University Hospital .06 %

o SSM St. Joseph Hospital West .05 %

In Illinois:

o Anderson Hospital .30 %

o Memorial Hospital .22 %

o Saint Anthony?s Health Center .22 %

o Gateway Regional Medical Center .13 %

o St. Elizabeth?s Hospital .11 %

o St. Joseph?s Hospital .04 %

There are close to 2,211 hospitals in the United States that are also being penalized for too many early readmissions.

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