A Guide to Vacationing Inexpensively in St. Louis

A Guide to Vacationing Inexpensively in St. Louis

One of the hardest things about traveling is figuring out your budget. The larger your family is, the tighter your money becomes. Most adults find themselves in a position where they have to balance making sure that everyone enjoys themselves, while also making sure that they have enough money left over so that they can get home. If you are on a family vacation in St. Louis, you will not have to worry about your finances; there are lots of free activities that you and your family will enjoy.

Just because St. Louis was created to help the fur trade, it does not mean that the city is not full of animal lovers. The St. Louis Zoo is proof of that. The zoo is currently home to more than 5,000 animals and is so large that you and your family can easily kill an entire day wandering around the interior. The great thing about the St. Louis Zoo is that while there are some areas, such as the children’s zoo, that do charge a small admission, you can tour the main part of the zoo for free. As an added perk, after a day at the zoo, your kids will be so tired from wandering around that they will sleep through the entire night.

An art museum might not be the first place that you think off when you are trying to think of something that you can do with your kids, but in this case you should consider it. The St. Louis art museum is full of some really amazing displays that will take your breath away. Admission is free, but the best day to go is on Sunday when the museum has a children’s art museum that your kids will love.

No trip to St. Louis is complete until you have stopped at Grant’s Farm. This property use to be owned by the family of former president Ulysses Grant and now belongs to the Budweiser company. When you visit this particular free attraction, you will actually be able to see some of the same Clydesdales that Budweiser uses in their famous Super Bowl commercials and you might even see some new foals.

St. Louis recently finished work on the City Garden which is located in the downtown area. This creation is full of some lovely landscaping, fountains, and walkways. It is the perfect place to spend a warm afternoon. Not only will your kids have the freedom to run and play, but the scenery is perfect for some memorable family vacation photos.

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